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English Teacher

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English Teacher


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

إخواني الأعزاء

أود أن أعرض لكم خدماتى في تعليم وتدريس اللغه الإنجليزيه بصفه خاصه وبكل امانه وإخلاص سواء بالتعليم او المواعيد.
انا متواجد بمدينة جده
ولي خبره واسعه جدا فى هذا المجال

وأقوم بتدريس جميع المراحل وكذلك التدريس والتحضير لأداء امتحانات الإنجليزيه العالميه مثل


وأقوم كذلك بتعليم الأطفال قبل دخول المدرسه أساسيات اللغه الإنجليزيه
وكذلك المواد الدراسيه الإنجليزيه بعد دخول المدرسه.

للإستفسار والمفاهمه فقط بالإتصال على رقم الموابيل الموضح ادناه لعدم دخولى هنا

أ. محمد


***Greeting to all***

I am a qualified and experienced English language teacher in Jeddah. I have the students of all the nationalities. As the lessons are tailor-made for your particular needs, you can expect great advancement within a short period of time, and focus your study on any aspect of the language

***Private lessons***

Before you get charged for any lesson, i will conduct an assessment of your needs and type of lessons you want to have then a plan will be suggested and details of charges and times will be agreed

I cover all the places in Jeddah city and you do not need to travel. I can visit you at your home and work place

***Dates and Times***

Private lessons can be arranged to accommodate individual needs and requirements. I am available for private tuition Saturday to Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

***Levels available***

I teach all levels from beginners to advanced as well as for specific tests. your first lesson can be used to assess your level of English and what type of lessons you need to have

***Types of lessons***

Contrary to group classes where individual needs are somehow ignored, your private lessons can be tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements. You decide what type of lesson you want to have, but I can also offer you advice if you are not sure about your needs your private lessons can

Pronunciation and accent reduction
Reading and writing
Speaking and conversation
Vocabulary building

If you want to study for a test or an exam, or wish to learn English for a specific reason, my lessons can be tailor-made to suit your needs

***Exams and tests***

If you want to sit for a specific test, lessons can be made using the test's syllabus. Some of the tests you may wish to prepare for are
Cambridge first certificate in english FCE
Cambridge certificate of proficiency in english CPE
Cambridge certificate in advanced english CAE
International english language testing system IELTS
Test of english as a foreign language TOEFL

***English for specific purposes***

You may wish to study English for a specific purpose. lessons can cover

English for business and commerce
English for law
English for medicine

***English for corporate executives***

Private lessons can also be offered to corporate executives at their offices in the city of Jeddah
lessons can be arranged to suit your schedule

Just email me for details

I charge per hour. the price includes study material but not course books / english dictionaries you may need to buy you will not be charged for my commuting or lesson preparing time

***Contact me**
To book your first lesson or should you have any queries please contact at




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